Scout Activity Ideas: United Nations Night

This activity will help for the cubs to earn their purple star; specifically, one of the requirements for the international trade badge, and one of the requirements for the World Citizen Award.

Gathering game: The Question Ball
Buy an outdoor ball at the dollar store and with a Sharpie write interesting questions all over it, such as "what's your favourite superhero?" Get the boys to pass the ball around to each other and whatever question their left thumb is over when they catch the ball, is the question they answer. This gets the boys talking and allows them to throw around the ball, until everyone has arrived at the activity.

Weekly Assignment: Current Event Presentation
During the week get the boys to research a current event in their neighbourhood, or internationally. They each present their piece of news to the pack. A great way to keep the boys occupied during group presentations is to get the presenter to choose what position they'll sit or stand in during their presentation. Each boy then gets to choose a new pose for their turn.

Active Break: A Rumble
If possible, go outdoors and lead a 'rumble.' This is done by running around, and going off on a little 'adventure' while the boys must follow behind you in a line. A great activity to do if they are getting a bit rambunctious and you just need to get some extra energy out.

Lesson: International Trade
I prepared little profile sheets for the most influential countries for each boy in the pack, by writing down facts from Wikipedia (such as the country's GDP) and drawing their flag. I included the five permanent countries on the UN Security Council, and explained how they had the power to veto decisions that the United Nations meant. After each boy had their country profile sheet, they were given a wad of fake bills in varying amounts and a "country budget sheet." They then had to each choose how their country would spend the money, and we took turns discussing what we thought were important factors in a government budget. You can also talk about what is traded amongst these countries and show the pack example currencies from each country.

 My home made 'country budget sheet'

Game: United Nations Card Game
Using the same rules as 'go fish' or 'crazy eights' I created a home made deck of cards. To win the game the boys had to have the most sets of four matching cards. Some of these cards included: 'an election,' 'peace,' 'money,' 'business,' 'jobs for people,' 'food and water,' and 'transportation and roads.' On their turn, the cub would ask another member of the pack 'my country needs _____.' If that person had one of the cards they needed, they would give it to the cub, if not they would say "I'm sorry I can't help you." The cub would then pick up a card from the deck of remaining cards in the middle of the table. The boys must give up their cards if they have one, unless they have a "veto" card in their hand, in which case they would play their veto card instead of relinquishing one of their resource cards. I made six veto cards in the entire deck. The game ends when all cards have been played.

My home made deck of cards

Snack: Oreos with Peace Signs Outlined in Icing
Kids love Oreos. Enough said.

Well that's all for now, don't mind the derpy photos.
Until next time!

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