D&C Sunday School Lesson 44: Being Good Citizens

What Does Being LDS Have To Do With Citizenship?

(With pictures from one of my best friends Jairemiah Inlayo's mission in the Philippines) 


It is so fascinating to me to think about how 'politics' to a certain extent, would be engaging in the pre-existence. As a social science undergraduate this topic is very intriguing. Just as we fought for our agency in the pre-mortal era, we should fight for freedom in this life. Voting is actually an act of agency. I never thought of voting in this doctrinal perspective.

Political Involvement:

Although the church will never choose a political viewpoint, nor force or influence one on members - it does encourage us to not only be subject and honour political structures (see D&C 134: 1,6,7,11 and Article of Faith 12), but be involved! This is not just by voting, but also just bein knowledgeable about what political axiom is going on in our country and in the world. Gordon B. Hinkley says, "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." Know how politics work in your country or region. Know how you can make a difference, and then go and make that difference for good in your community.

Community Involvement:

In addition, being an involved member in our community is an essential part of being a Latter Day Saint. It is often quoted that the 'way for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing.' When we are involved with making the world around us a better place, we are living in a way that others can feel closer to their Heavenly Father. When we are in the service of our fellow brothers and sisters, we are in the service of our Saviour.

Our Attitude:

In D&C 54 The Lord revealed to the pioneer saints that they would eventually leave Ohio, where they were presently staying, for Missouri. However, he wouldn't tell them when they would leave. Instead, he wanted them to focus on living in Ohio like they would be living there for years. We should take this attitude in our own homes and communities. It is so easy to travel and move. It is so easy to have an attitude of transition in our lives. When we constantly think that right now is just waiting for tomorrow's better outcomes we will miss the moments and very richly blessed details of our lives now. Don't live in your community, home, or family thinking that today is a transition, think that today is a beautiful, impactful, and potentially outstanding moment of meaning.

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