How To Play Movie Battle Royale

This is my favourite Friday night game with friends.

I frequently host movie nights with my friends, which are totally awesome because you get to hang out and not spend a bunch of money.
Reasons I love movie nights: free movies, friends, potluck style treats to eat (free food), cuddling on the couch, laughing, re-watching classics, having your favourite movie ruined by obnoxious friends (but still loving your weird guilty pleasure flick anyways), and playing Movie Battle Royale - duh duh duh.


Why is it called "Movie Battle Royale?"
Good question.
Because that's what we called it, and it has stuck around. It isn't rocket science.

Why spend more time picking the movie, then watching the movie?
Good question.
It isn't the movie that makes movie night. It's the night that makes movie night.
^ lol I should not be allowed to publish online. What sappy sentiment and tom foolery was that?

Why haven't you explained how to play Movie Battle Royale yet?
Good question.
I really enjoy wasting your time. I mean, it is quite gratifying knowing you spent this long reading to get know information yet.

Will I be rewarded for reading all these ridiculous FAQ's?
Good question.
Sure. I'll reward you, by letting you read a heck of a lot more on how to play Movie Battle Royale.


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