Kua ' Aina Sandwich Shop

Bacon? Burgers? Crispy lettuce and thin, shaved fries? 
Entering the Kua ' Aina Sandwich Shop was a deliciously wonderful choice on warm, summer afternoon during my travels in Haleiwa, Hawaii. I have to admit, I had my heart (and stomach) set on  some alfalfa sprout dumped eatery from the local bakery and cafe down the road that I visited the previous year, but our hunger got the best of us and we stopped a little earlier in our travels.
Kua ' Aina has four locations, two in Oahu (Haleiwa & Honolulu), and one in Tokyo and London. 

My crispy thin fries. If fries were chips and chips were fries - this would be it. Well, unless you are British. Then your fries are chips and your chips are already fries. Bleh. You know what I mean, well intentioned reader. Summary: They're tasty.

 These sandwiches were massive, and the bacon just made me delirious. It was so perfectly cooked, and super thick. Just the way a Canadian would want it.

When in Hawaii, eat like the Hawaiians do. (Okay, this is definitely not a traditional Hawaiian dish at all. I was just trying to twist an old-fashioned cliche in a totally inappropriate spot. It happens, sorry. Anyways, you should always be asking for the extra pineapple. This massive, again, massive, sandwich had sweet pineapple with melty cheese and overall amazing goodness and warm fuzzy feelings. (And yes, I ate every last bit of it).

Conclusion: Your next lunch stop in Haleiwa is this place.

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