Mix-Tape Mondays: Hazy Summer Days

This mix-tape is your usual off-beat random collection of ten songs I decided to wrangle up and arrange together in my own way. If you listen to all ten in a row, then you will have successfully completed the musical journey I took this afternoon Young Padawan. You may ask yourself, what makes these songs go together? Is it the genre? Is it the lyrics? Well folks, it actually is just what felt good at the time. So it could be all or none of the above - but hey - I got you to click this link and check out these ten tunes right? Haha! My job is done. 
Just kidding. You should listen to all of these too, then my job is done...for now.
I called it 'Hazy Summer Days' because sometimes I get in that mood where I want to jump in a car on a summer day and just drive fast while listening to some guitar and vocals. This mix ends rock, but starts off more electronic indie, synth-y rock. 

If you were smart, you just skipped my rambling about the origins of this playlist and are already jamming out to the tunes. Well, maybe chilling out, then simmering, then definitely jamming by the tenth song.

Gosh, look at me still rambling... just do yourselves a favour and burn a cd for your next road trip.
Miss Lauren Kyle

Vampire Weekend's 'Step'

The Arctic Monkey's 'Do I Wanna Know?'

Kongo's 'Come With Me Now'

Phantogram's 'Fall in Love'

The 1975's 'Chocolate'

Foreigner's 'Jukebox Hero'

AC/DC's 'Back in Black'

The Heavy's 'What Makes a Good Man?'

Band of Skull's 'I Know What I Am'

Foo Fighter's 'Best of You'

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