Foodie Fridays: The Takano Noodle Cafe

Basically if you like pictures of noodles then you have come to the right place. This post is not very writing intensive. 

Usually when I go out for lunch with my mom in the afternoons we go back and forth about where we should eat and then settle for our usuals. My younger brother, who does not eat out very often with us, came along today. I know I was relieved that the arduous task of choosing where to eat lunch could be passed to my brother, who typically eats out with his friends on Tuesday afternoons. Of course, his suggestion was as fresh as the place we went to eat. 

The Takano Noodle Cafe, as my brother claims, is the "second best noodles in the Lower Mainland!"

This made me chuckle, and I was excited to dig into some tasty ramen noodles that were, apparently, the second best.

Well let me tell you that this place definitely beats a package of Mr. Noodles, which is my typical encounter with ramen as a university student.

So enough with my rambling about where I went to lunch today - you just came to look at pictures of ramen didn't you?

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