Mixtape Mondays: I Just Want To Sleep

It is that day of week again where I occasionally like to throw together some great songs into a playlist for your listening pleasure. These playlists are a chronological journey of emotion or moods typically. They are exactly what I want to listen to right now, in this order.

This week's post and playlist is dedicated to wanting to sleep. 

Some Mondays I just feel the aches. The transition from the weekend to weekday is not always the cheery, rainbow filled path that it ought to be.

It is a bit restless in its music, but melodic at the same time. It is what I call a sampler playlist because it is ten songs in length. I don't know about you, but on my iTunes account my personal "sleeping" playlists end up accumulating hundreds of songs.

So here is the youtube playlist embedded for your viewing/listening pleasure:

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