Mixtape Mondays: The Multi-Genre Summer Hammock Journey

With no rhyme or reason to the creation of this playlist, I have developed your next musical journey. 

You may wonder how, and under what circumstances I created such a random assortment of enjoyable tunes. Well, I was making a commute on the bus today towards downtown Vancouver, and I had the perfect conditions. 

Now, you are thinking - 'the perfect conditions?'
Even bussing has perfect conditions.

1. Cold, fresh passion tea lemonade in hand.
2. The backseat where you can stretch your legs out by the window.
3. The window is propped open enough for optimal breeziness, and dappled sunlight splashing across your legs.

Sounds too idealistic for a bus?
What can I say, I'm an optimist. I like finding joy in the little things.

So here it is lovely reader, this week's edition of Mixtape Mondays. I challenge you to listen to this playlist, especially in the order it was created while lounging in sunlight. It is sublime.

I have created a public playlist on youtube, where you will find all fifty songs. 

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