My (Rest of) the Summer Bucket List

Took this pic in Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu this year. A Summer bucket list should ALWAYS include the tropics if possible.

It is the season of sunshine and long nights that melt into bright early dawns. I am instantly happier, more productive, and social in the summer. It is, and always will be, my favourite season (and not just because I am a July baby).

Every summer I make a bucket list of items I want to do before the next fall claims its territory again. This list has some staples, with variations over the years.

Just because it is August, does not mean it is too late! Get out! Do something different!

So here is my 2014 list of twenty must-do, must-see, must-be things:

1. An outdoor Summer concert
2. A beach barbecue 
3. A waterpark
4. Smores and singing
5. Outdoor movie nights
6. Drive-In theatre
7. Pool party
8. Walk around the seawall
9. Reading for fun
10. Write a book
11. Horseback riding
12. Play the ukulele
13. A night hike
14.  A best friend photoshoot
15. A summer wedding
16. A block party
17. Go-karting
18. Go to a fair
19. Eat a frozen treat
20. Do something new with my hair

If you have anything else you think would be fun to do or see, just add it in the comments. Most of all, have fun the rest of this summer - I know I will!


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