The Undead, One-Person Poet Society: The Adjunct Proposal

So here is the next original poem I have written for my series The Undead, One-Person Poet Society. Each poem I have written thus far in the series can be found under the writing tab at the top of the page. Until next time! Enjoy!


A shrieking emptiness
A screaming silence
A stealthy pride
A cool demeanour
A favourite vice
A chilling embrace
A frequent loneliness
A charming lie
A reoccurring dream
An apathetic lover
A comforting despair
A cursed awareness
A clear reflection
A constricting curiosity
A painful insightfulness
A monotonous dance
A colloquial chant
An intellectual lust 
An aesthetic conversation
A fulfilling argument 
A tranquil singularity
A frightening conformity
A lonely crowd
A busy thought
A complacent verb
A compromising compliment
A necessary vulnerability
A fleeting eternity
A lasting look
A determined appetite
A simple complication
A suppressed wanderlust
A bohemian capital
An independent stereotype
A preferred sabotage
A personal infliction
A social affliction
A raspberry lemonade


A false confidence
A promiscuous patriotism
An intentional vote
A pompous ignorance
A situational context
An empowered marginalization
A systemic diaspora
A proud anthropocentricity
A hypocritical concern
A backwards motion
A progressive thought
A regressive suppression
An acceptant complacency
A repetitive lethargy
An alienating opinion
An armed freedom
A violent peace
A deafening silence
An irrational fear
A rationalized reality
A bigoted justification
A closed mind
An open mouth
A blissful ignorance
A raspberry lemonade


A simple want
A familiar tear
A burning desire
A romantic warfare
A wasted breath
A fleeting eternity
A stagnant stare
A burning bosom
An empty promise
An unspoken alliance
An obligatory caress
A planned flinch
An unseemly cherish
A hopeful heart
A meticulous mind
A frigid air
A lingering scent
A crystallized thought
A painstaking lust
A lucid dream
An altered reality
A stubborn excuse
A narrow agenda
A handsome pair
A fickle friendship
A damned romance
A raspberry lemondae

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