Three Road Trip Games For (Immature) Adults

Last weekend my friends and I went on a road trip down to Seattle and had an amazing time. It is hard to think how we can top last weekend, but alas, we are hitting the road again to head to Kelowna! So I have been pondering how to incoporate this into a blog post and decided to tell you three simple road trip games that are for the immature, young adult ready to hit the highway with their friends. I mean other than some snacks, glowsticks, and music the only thing missing is some mandatory shenanigans right?

So here are three games you have probably heard of to play on your next road trip!

Truth or Dare Road Trip Style

So my main gripe with "truth or dare" games is that often, I just don't know what to ask or dare another person to do. You end up spending a lot of the time in silence while people contemplate what to do. Also sometimes you don't want to ask something that might be deemed goofy, or too personal. I prefer truth or dare games that are premediated, that way you can also censor slightly what happens (I have been in my fair share of truth or dare games that just went a wee over the line).

How this truth or dare game works is that you can print off the attatched printable (the link below will lead you to my pdf file) and cut them into to strips. Then throw them into a hat or bowl or empty chip bag. You go around, picking a slip of paper and completing the task it asks you. You can pass, throw the paper into the bowl, but you don't get a point. Every time you successfully complete a task you DO get a point. The person with the least amount of points has to buy ice cream or drinks for the car ride. The game ends when every slip of paper has been completed, or you reach your final destinaation.

Here is the link to the free printable I made: Truth or Dare Road Trip Game Printable Slips

Never Have I Ever

This is a similar type of game to truth or dare, and is something you have proably already played. It is quite simple, and really varies depending on who you are with, and how comfortable you all are with each other. You take turns completing the phrase "never have I ever ______." It has to be a true statement. Then if other people in the car have done that thing, they put down a finger, or lose a point, or however you want to play. You can even get each person who has done it to briefly describe it if it is something funny or random. Each person takes a turn completing the phrase, and the game keeps going till you want it to stop, or you have lost all your fingers haha.

Example: "Never have I ever...gone skinny dipping/left Canada/said the f-word/etc."

Name That Song

This is especially fun (or frustrating) when you travel with a bunch of hipsters. Despite your car's music tastes, the point is to play one song from your phone or ipod and have people try to guess what it is. The first person to be correct gets the point. You switch through all your phones and music. You can listen to some really obscure or surprising stuff during this game, which is way better than seeking fuzzy radio station or listening to someone's five song playlist on repeat. Personally, I feel like the winner of this game deserves some itunes cards, but I'll let your car determine those stipulations.

Have any other cool road trip game ideas? Leave them below in the comments!

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  1. The link for the game printable is not working.

    1. Hello! Thanks for letting me know! I have refreshed the link and you should be able to download the free printable now.

      - xo, miss lauren kyle


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