A Day in Whistler With the Family!

Another picture heavy blog post. Went up to Whistler with the family.

I should really invest in a good compact DSLR. I own a point and shoot camera, but for naturally I forgot to bring it so I shot everything with my iPhone because I am a lazy child. So maybe come back to my blog in a year when it has vastly improved lol.

Here are some pics of my nature hike to Lost Lake, Cows Ice Cream, and Whistler Village meandering.

So first we take the obligatory car selfie as we drive two hours to Whistler. Not pictured in the car selfie is my mom and Jacob.

My little brother Danny points to the camera, "Hey you!" Me and my sister just play it cool, sporting the sunglasses.

 You know you are at a truly Canadian McDonalds when the sign says "Welcome Loggers." We stop for some cheap lunch in Squamish before we hit Whistler.

 The skate park at Whistler is huge, and I couldn't help but get a photo at this jump where someone has done some Jaws inspired graffiti art.
 More Jaws pics. Too cool.
 Condos at Whistler Village. I wonder how much it costs to own one of those bad boys...

 One of the hotels at Whistler Village.

 The troop walking towards Whistler Village Square.

 The main Blackcomb Mountain area...with no snow! It is weird as a snowboarder to see it this way. 

 People milling about Blackcomb Mountain base.

 At the Crystal Lodge area there is a gallery in the basement level. I secretly took a pic of this piece of artwork. It was my favourite. Acrylic. They were asking about $3000. One day, I will buy ridiculous art for my home...or just become a curator...hmmmmmmm....

 Make it to Village square! Looking for a public washroom. Such a hard task.

 Remnants of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

 Everyone but me! Jacob, Danny, my mom, and Natalie. 

 After finally turning fourteen and gaining the ability to go to youth dances I have noticed that these two boys seem to be much more keen to kiss...cows? At least Danny is. (Sorry EFY reference for all of you non-mormons out there haha).

 Serious selfie with a cow, at Cows Ice Cream in Whistler.

We try to squeeze Natalie into our selfie as well.

 I work at Dairy Queen and I still never get tired of ice cream. Got the "Wowie Cowie" which has English toffee, caramel, and Skor mixed in Vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

 Just because.

 If you haven't taken one tourist picture with RCMP stuff, or a fake bear you aren't doing your job right. Classic Canadian right here eh.

 There was some kind of healthy living festival going on, so they had different booths set up. The Soy dessert bar people had a photo booth, so well, you know what that means. Click! Click! Click!

 Canadian culture everrrrrrrywherrre! As my Grandma would say, "art in the city!"

 I just love this pic. Two lawn chairs facing an outdoor stage that says "wanderlust" on it. The epitome of Summer on the West Coast. Wish I could have seen an outdoor concert here.

 Remnants of the Olympics again.

 Oh Canada!

 My beautiful little sister on our nature hike.

Sister selfie! A must!

Nats, Jacob, and my mom walking on our nature hike.

 For the directionally challenged like myself.

 We head to Lost Lake!

 Beginning the Lost Lake hike! Cheese!

Where's my sister!? Cheese!

 Can't help but to take a pic of my cute Adidas sneakers.

At Lost Lake they had a tiny toad crossing! So cute!

 Naturally there was a lake, so I jumped in fully clothed and went for a swim. So refreshing!

 Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory is not complete without some colouring of the menu! Still a kid.

 On the ride home, down the Sea to Sky Highway.

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