How To Ace Your Next Semester At University Series: Fake It Till You Make It

So often people ask me "how can you go to school full time, work three to four days a week, volunteer twice week, and fully participate in your church community while still maintaining a high GPA?"

I would like to say that I am the next Einstein; however, if there is one thing that university teaches you, it is that your school, let alone the world, is full of people who are smarter, more talented, more motivated, and just darn right more successful than you. You can try to compete with them as hard as you can and you may never be better than them.

And that is totally okay.

In fact, it is more than okay, because when you let go of trying to be a high achiever just to impress other people, you can focus on being a high achiever because you love yourself, and you are passionate about the things you accomplish. Self respect, passion, and integrity is then what makes your work stand out, and aren't those some fantastic characteristics to be known by?


The first step to success in anything is sincerity.

If you sincerely do not give a flying toot about the class you are enrolled in, it will show. It will be quite obvious to your professors, classmates, and show through your lacking assignments and participation. Your only real option at this point (if you can't drop the class or switch to another one) is to fake it till you make it.

I had really low self confidence growing up. During elementary and middle school I covered the fact that I was really sensitive about making friends and having people like me. I found it hard to be as enthusiastic as I really was about school because I was often made fun of for being "the smart one," the "suck up," or "the teacher's pet."

Throughout high school and carrying on throughout university I have tried to embrace my inner nature and try a key principle in attaining confidence, to fake it till you make it. 

Fake It Till You Make It

If you aren't very confident in writing, fake it till you make it. Seize writing opportunities even if you don't think you are the most qualified. 

Change your attitude:

I am a poor writer.
I will pretend I am the world's best writer.
I am one step closer to being the world's best writer.

If you aren't very confident that people will like you, fake it till you make it. Pretend that you are a socialite and that everyone likes you. Pretend you are already friends with everyone else already and smile and start conversations.

Change your attitude:

I have no friends.
I will pretend I am confident and am a friendly person.
People think I am confident and a friendly person.
Soon even the toughest crowds (Ie: Myself) believes I am a confident and friendly person.

How does this relate to university? Having a good attitude is going to seriously increase your experience. You are paying thousands of dollars to have this experience. Personally, if I am going to spend thousands of dollars, I would rather it be on a great Hawaiian vacation than a mandatory city fine or speeding ticket. University is the same as any other investment, make it a good one.

It may feel impossible to have a great, sincere attitude about that required statistics class that was created with the sole purpose to crush your which case you just need to fake it till you make it.

Example: Taking a Class All About Poop.

Change your attitude:

This class seriously sucks and is on poop. I don't need to know about poop for my degree or life.

I will pretend that this class is actually teaching worthwhile material. (If this class is teaching about poop, I will be the best, most knowledgable pooper known to mankind).

I will find that I actually engage with the material (because I am faking my desire to be a certified pooper).

The professor will recognize the light in my eyes during lectures or class discussions (because he has never seen a student be so keen on his obscure doctoral research on poop).

The professor will start acknowledging my existence, and cracking a smile when he sees my name in the pile of papers he must mark. 

My horrible paper on poop went up a letter grade because I actually engaged with the poop and some of it rubbed off. My horrible paper on poop went up another letter grade because the professor recognized my name as "that kid who actually seems to like poop."

You know I actually think that class taught me a lot about poop.

A+ young padawan. A+.

© Miss Lauren Kyle
Maira Gall