Road Trip to Kelowna in (Mostly) Selfies.

A bunch of pictures from this weekend! Yay for not much reading this post! (I am finishing my summer semester so it feels quite nice to to not read or write as much papers for the next little while)

This weekend I went down to a Young Single Adult (YSA) conference in Kelowna, British Columbia. YSA conferences are hosted by my church, and are just a really great weekend to meet new people, have some adventures, and be spiritually uplifted.

Last weekend, I actually went to a different conference in Bellvue, Washington. So I have done a lot of driving in the past week and a bit. I found that during my time in Washington it was heavily focused on having a good time, this weekend however, I attended a few classes that were really informative and touching. Kelowna was also a lot more intimate and low key I found, because I already knew so many of the attendees (since I live in BC).

So enough rambling, skip to the pictures!

Actually packed like a boss for this weekend. Cute sundresses for the entire weekend. Bag: My Grandma's. Game: Card's Against Humanity. Body lotion: Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. Floral Dress: H&M. Pink Dress: H&M.

Acting like a gangster in the back seat on the way to Kelowna because Sean didn't want to wear his hat anymore. Hat: Hurley. Sunglasses: H&M. Embarrassing factor: 10+

The official selfie of the weekend, thanks to my Instagram account here. Glasses: Vintage. Necklace: Agnus & Cootes. Dress: H&M. Lipstick: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Sweetheart.

On the way to do some service. We did the adopt-a-stream project. Spent an hour cleaning up some creeks. We also found some nasty stuff there...underwear, poop, etc. Sometimes service is gross, just saying.

More car selfies on the way to the service project. This is Paul's first YSA conference btw. Doesn't he just look adorably enthusiastic!

Best couple photo I have taken of my cousin Sean and his girlfriend Jenna. This one is a winner. (I have so many others, but they might kill me if I post them all).

My little weirdos. One of the most fun couples to hang out with.

So we start to take a lot of selfies here. All attractive of course. Is that not what the models look like when they pout? Haha. Also, Sean's photo bomb here is half stalker/half model - it's great.

Sean what are you even doing? Lol.

Yes, I'm single. Want some of that? ;)

It is averaging thirty-seven degrees in Kelowna and the sun is gorgeous. The gardens at the church were just fantastic.

I am such a girl. Pretty flowers are the best!

These three ladies keep the party going and I love them. Also note here Tavia's top (on the right), it is Kate Spade and just adorable.

This kid is ridiculous. Enough said. Again, you are so welcome for these beautiful selfies.

More pretty flowers! Purple flowers are my favourite!

The Espinosa boys! I love these guys. We do concerts, Frostys, and general shenanigans together. Always a good time.

Stay fierce Benji (right) and Ray (left) my snowboarding buddy.

The sun is just fantastic in Kelowna. Check out this sunset in the clouds.

These schedules are totally out of order. Oops. Oh well. Tons of fun!

I know I do not have everyone, and I totally failed at taking pictures this weekend. So apologies.
It was great, you all rock. 

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