Top Ten: Journals I Love

Here is my Tuesday Top Ten list. Ten Journals I am loving right now! 

Buying stationary always makes me feel so productive and office chic. If you want to see my post on scripture journaling just click here. It is one of many favourite little pleasures. (Gasp, a blogger likes journaling? Who would've guessed...)

  1. Kate Spade "If I Do Say So Myself" Notebook
  2. Kate Spade "Deborah Dot" Journal
  3. Indigo's "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" Embossed Journal
  4. Random House's "Q&A" Five-Year Journal
  5. Modcloth's "Ticket Stub" Diary
  6. Modcloth's "It's Gonna Be Okay" Journal
  7. Urban Outfitter's "Film Listography" Journal
  8. Urban Outfitter's (Naughty...) Journal...Sorry if this is offensive...
  9. Urban Outfitter's "Photo a Day" Journal
  10. Anthropologie's "Mon Cher" Journal

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