Crafting Your Very Own DIY Handmade Paper

Time to get crafty!

As some of you may know I am a cubs leader with my auntie for Scouts Canada, and every Wednesday night I get to have fun earning badges, and doing crafts and games with my wild group of boys.

This week we learnt how to make our own handcrafted paper. This is easy to do with kids (and you can recycle all that scrap construction paper piling up at home). You can also make this project much more adult, and get even really fancy by adding glitter and pressed flowers in the last step.

Homemade paper adds the perfect personal flourish to wrapping, a thank you note, or Christmas card. You can also make a set of 10 cards with your homemade paper and package that as a gift itself!

Let's get started with the tutorial, and of course complimentary cute photos.

1. Gather the materials necessary for this project. You'll want a large container (like a drawer) filled with water, a filter (you can use a window screen, one from a paper making kit, a silve, or anything with a similar mesh fitting), a blender, some towels, and scrap paper (any type works).

2. Tear up your scrap paper and throw them in the blender. Add some warm water. Blend until the paper and water is a mushy, sludgey, pulp mixture

3.  Place the filter in the container filled with water.

4. Pour the pulp mixture into the filter and spread it out.

5. Lift the filter, and (possibly with the help of another person) carefully press the excess water out of the pulpy mush.

6. Slowly flip the filter over a towel, placing the sheet of pulp on the towel. Use the towel to again, carefully squeeze or press out more excess water. 

7. Let the sheet of pulp air-dry into a sheet of handmade paper. During the wet stage you can still add other elements to your paper, such as glitter, a pressed flower, confetti, etc.

8. Do something cool with your paper! Or rip it up, whatever floats your boat.

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