The Undead, One-Person, Poet Society: The Mask

Here is the next installment of my poetry series. It is entitled 'The Mask.' Enjoy! I have a picture format, which I prefer you to read because I do put font and layout into heavy consideration when I write poetry; however, for search engine optimization purposes, as well as for those with bad eyesight. I've copied and pasted the poetry directly into the text of this post below. Let me know what you think!

(Image Version)

(Text Version)

A mask,
Glitter and gold,
Hiding the belle of the ball

She laughs
She toasts
She dances ferociously
Her eyelashes wave to the crowds.
She is fierce and zany,
Spontaneous, and adored.
She commands an audience with wild, bright ideas.

But it's her mask,
Her alter ego.
A projection of confidence and class.

It's her distraction from that raw feeling gnawing at her.
A hidden anxiety that she is not truly loved.
Who is that girl behind the mask?

A timid one.
Strong, opinionated, but needy.
Craving a sense of accomplishment.
Craving a sense of unconditional reciprocation.
Vulnerable, but aggressively in denial of it.

People don't see the girl behind the mask.
They wonder,
How can someone be so blessed?
So lucky?
So worry-free?
So confident?
So prideful?
So commanding, and indifferent to other's opinions,
And ambivalent about who stays and who goes...

Why doesn't she fall in love?
Why doesn't she act normal?
Why weren't they good enough?
Why was he never good enough?

Yet, all she thinks was,
Was I good enough?
Have I done my best?
Have I fought the good fight, and served selflessly,
Have I taken every opportunity?
Or have I wasted too many?
Letting them slip like sand through the cracks of my hand, returning to the beach carpet, hidden amongst the innumerable masses of indistinguishably tiny pebbles.

You cannot find the treasure in an empty chest,
Nor a reflection in a matte wall.
You can, however, find reality in a delusion.
You can fabricate a life,
A story,
A reason,
A hurt feeling,
A lie.
On your perception,
The interpretation,
The artful critique,
The formulated opinion,
Of a mask.

You think you know the girl, 

You know a mask.

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