When I Look Back At My Twenties, Will I Regret...

We've all taken a selfie. Especially if you have an Instagram account. So what's the big deal about this close up shot of one's own face?

Well based on this quote by Martin Schoeller, the "Selfie" might even fall under the category of the purest portraiture form...

Well, maybe that is a bit of a far stretch...but the selfie has definitely created a cultural storm raging across the internet. Let's take a little look:

In 2012, Time Magazine adds "selfie" to the top ten buzzwords of that year. In 2013, "selfie" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, and named it word of the year.

Word of the year???

Now before I get all sassy, I am sure you, and probably anyone who knows me, is fully aware that I love a good selfie. My Instagram is enough proof of this.

Gallery of example selfies of myself, of which, have graced Facebook and social media sites alike:

Perhaps we should look at some official definitions of this viral trend.

The official Webster Dictionary's definition:

Of course, a blog post claiming to purport knowledge on a particular topic wouldn't be complete without some questionable sources. Let's look at Urban Dictionary definitions as well (just to make sure our case is more solidified):

and this one as well,

Okay that last one was a bit harsh perhaps, but the selfie proposes to be more than a casually shot, angled down image taken by oneself of oneself. The selfie demands a frame of me

How truly reflective of society that the most popular form of photography over-flooding the web, is all about the individual and their curated presentation of the most important person...themselves.

Contemporary sociological and gender theory in the academic world would deem the selfie as the "male gaze" gone viral. And who is the biggest perpetuator?

Kim Kardashian announces a 352 page book of selfies, that will be entitled 'Selfish.'

Oh great. I was worried my reading list was looking a bit too easy this Winter holiday, at least I have the intellectual company of 'Selfish' to keep me sharp.

On the flip side, there is a big hoop-lah occurring in the art community over the emergence of this new genre. Why the big hoop-lah you ask? Well, it turns out it has been a little while since there has been a definitive new genre of art. 

Seems like a bit of a far stretch to me, but hey, the movement is clearly making waves.

Look, there is even a selfie police force out there now on the internet:

So will I regret the selfie?
Is this all a big joke?

I guess time will only tell...but first, let me take a #selfie

Until next time,

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