The Undead, One-Person Poet Society: When I Saw You Yesterday

Here is the next installment of my poetry series. It is entitled 'When I Saw You Yesterday.' Enjoy! I have a picture format, which I prefer you to read because I do put font and layout into heavy consideration when I write poetry; however, for search engine optimization purposes, as well as for those with bad eyesight. I've copied and pasted the poetry directly into the text of this post below. Let me know what you think!

I put on
my thinking cap.

My deconstructionist cap.
My modernist cap.
My liberal, freedom-hungry, colonially-rooted cap.
My philosophical inquirer cap.
My esoteric exploring cap.
My time-freezing due to thought diving cap.
My unabashed romantic cap, waxing poetically about spent days, and unrequited love.
My sultry, femme fatale cap.
My carnal cap, caged in the jungle's prescriptions.

But when I got there,
I was disappointed to see
that my hatbox was empty.

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© Miss Lauren Kyle
Maira Gall