The Undead, One-Person Poet Society: Expectations

Here is the next installment of my poetry series. It is entitled 'Expectations.' Enjoy! I have a picture format, which I prefer you to read because I do put font and layout into heavy consideration when I write poetry; however, for search engine optimization purposes, as well as for those with bad eyesight. I've copied and pasted the poetry directly into the text of this post below. Let me know what you think!

Trust me, you don't want your expectations to be too high
or else you'll find, more oft than not
stark reality, is much less so; disappointing to realize
disconnect of life twixt with thought;
future visions, antithetical, slip through cracks too sly;
imagination lost, though it fought;
the primary won, the battle over, means to an end;
expectations are not my friend.

But alas, is this really so?
Should the dreamer halt her weaving tales,
in order to embrace the low?
When an unrequited love's surreal,
unfulfilled desire makes you grow;
chasms between hope and truth shall avail:
true essence in the disconnect,
true freedom in the thought's resurrect.

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© Miss Lauren Kyle
Maira Gall