Top 5 lessons to learn about the temple before you're twenty (or any age really).

There are some lessons about the temple you just need to know. It will make your life, your temple experience (whether its the first or 99th time) a whole lot better. I find going back to the basics is something that we really need to do often in all arenas of life to stay on top of things. I hope you enjoy this!

Understanding what a covenant actually is.

A covenant is a two-way promise between you and God. You follow your end of the deal, and he follows his end of the deal. His end of the deal typically includes a lot of blessings that are truly amazing. In the temple, you make certain covenants. So you have to make sure you are living up to your end of the deal, and then you can receive the particular blessings that come with each covenant.

Understanding what an ordinance actually is.

An ordinance is a sacred and formal act that is performed by the proper authority of the priesthood. Baptism is an ordinance. The temple endowment is an ordinance. The temple sealing is an ordinance. Each of these three ordinances are necessary for obtaining the highest glory in the celestial kingdom. When you first enter the temple fully, you will be going to receive your own temple endowment. After you receive your own temple endowment, you can keep going back and doing temple endowments on behalf of others (just like baptism, and baptisms for the dead).

For the Strength of Youth is not a set of covenants. The temple is.

As a youth I tried my best to follow the lifestyle guidelines presented in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. Most rules I was excellent at following, some rules were harder for me; for example, the modesty guidelines. Not following this pamphlet will condemn you; however, by faithfully following this book you are preparing yourself excellently for a time in your life when you do decide to enter the temple. The difference is, once you enter the temple you are making covenants, and not living up to these covenants is condemning. It is a much easier transition if you are already living your life in accordance with God's standards. (And now having gone to the temple, I always dress modestly, and have a clearer eternal perspective on the matter).

We are Christ's restored church.

We aren't a new church. We haven't made up a bunch of new, unique things that make us different from other religions. Every thing we do is because it is the way Christ set up, or wanted his church to be set up that way. Some of these practices are very old. The sacrament was instigated over 2000 years ago. Our lineage, and roles we play in the building of the Lord's Kingdom date back to Abraham. Baptism has always been an essential ordinance. Likewise, ordinances in the temple are not new. They date back to ancient times, and are also essential to attaining Celestial glory.

Eternal progression is a journey of small steps.

Becoming perfect is going to take us a really long time. We won’t be perfect any time here on earth. We will always be working towards ways to improve ourselves, and to become more like Heavenly Father or Mother. Baptism was a tiny step towards this goal. So is your temple endowment. Don’t stress if you don’t know everything. You are always learning. Just like you always can learn something new when you go to the temple to do baptisms, you can always learn something when you go to your endowment. In some ways, receiving your endowments is like being able to be in school to learn more ways to become more like our Heavenly parents. There will always be people to help you out on your journey in life, and also when you are going through the temple. Relax, and enjoy the ordinance, covenants, and blessings in our Lord’s holy home.

© Miss Lauren Kyle
Maira Gall