All I've Learned About Adulting (So Far)

There comes a point in one's life where you must accept that perhaps you are not a little kid anymore. People reach this point at different times. I am still honestly trying to reach that point (maybe you always feel like you are). But nonetheless, this past year I have learned some very valuable lessons. In no particular order I present to you all the things one must realize when on this journey known as 'adulting.'

Lesson #1: You need sleep.

Lesson #2: Define your style.

Lesson #3: Define your style (in love).

Lesson #4: Define your weaknesses too (so they can become strengths instead).

Lesson #5: You've got to spend less.

Lesson #6: Then you've got to hustle.

Lesson #7: But know when to take a break.

Lesson #8: Really enjoy your weekend.

Lesson #9: Especially on the Sabbath.

Lesson #10: Let your freak flag fly.

Lesson #11: Let other's freak flags fly too.

Lesson #12: Never give up.

Lesson #13: Some things always change (#Life).

Lesson #14: Some things never change.

Lesson #15: Think for yourself.

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