Lifestyle Blogs You Should Be Reading Now

There are a small handful of blogs that I read almost religiously, and here they are:

The Every Girl is the perfect site, from news around the world, career, finance, home decor, fashion, and everything in-between. The aesthetic and content makes this my first choice to read as far as blogs and websites go.

Next up is Jamie Oliver's blog for cooking and healthy lifestyle tips. I love this guy. His youtube channel on fifteen minute meals is also ingenious. I am a dreamer - (I dream that I can cook), but his site actually has made me make really delicious meals (a feat I never thought possible).

Then there is the fashion world. I have two big-time bloggers that I actively follow both on their sites and on the (stunning) Instagram accounts. The first of these big-time bloggers is Rosie Londoner. She is a total foodie, sassy Brit, with impeccable style. It is hard not to follow her life journey. It's so fun.

The second big-time fashion blogger is Julia Hengel (and her photographer husband Thomas) on Gal Meets Glam. I mostly stay updated on her life via Instagram, but recently stumbled across her actual site, and FELL IN LOVE. The web design layout is enough to make you drool. Julia rocks the perfect overdose of blush tones, and blonde highlights. Tres, tres chic.

The third fashion blog I follow is Vancouver local speciality called As We Are, whose founder is one of the most inspirational ladies I (am privileged) to know. Zoya Jiwa has spearheaded a fashion culture that exemplifies loving yourself, your body, and your imperfections. She is an inspirational speaker, activist and the site features the most amazing interviews on unlikely fashionistas that have overcome trials, and are totally on fleek.

Another blog (similar to Every Girl) is The Glitter Guide. This site is another one of those one-stop, multi-purpose sites that also boasts a beautiful Instagram. It is your essential all things girly place to check out.

What blogs do you love to read and follow?

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