My Cozy Winter Uniform

This winter has been all about the grey. Good thing between me and the 90s band Counting Crows, we know that grey is my favourite colour.

My dear friend Iyslen Leano, is in photography school and she has graciously taken some pictures of me. So this post is mostly just a shoutout to her. Check out her Facebook page here.

I will post the outfit details though too, because maybe you like oversized sweaters and plaid flannel shirts like me too.

//  Salt and Pepper Cardigan: Joe Fresh  //  Red and Black Flannel Shirt: Beaver Canoe (discontinued), but Roots is the same father company, and the same type of flannel shirts can be found here.  //  Skinny Jeans: Hollister  //  Black Suede Booties: Aldo  //

*So self conscious about these photos of myself, not going to lie haha*

 photo Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 3.40.38 PM_zpsvbfm1gqy.png
© Miss Lauren Kyle
Maira Gall