12+ Silly Date Ideas for Immature Adults

When you first start dating someone your whole relationship is based upon going out on dates. Then, as you become comfortable with each other, and the relationship grows and solidifies, you may find that date nights turn into cuddle and watch TV nights, to just living busy lifestyles with each other. But dating is important! And fun! Let’s stop being adults for one evening and just do something silly, which I think, can more often than not, turn into something romantic too.

I have compiled twelve fun dates for the immature adult. So let loose, leave your weekdays behind you, and be a little less serious with the person you are super serious about. ;)

Paint War.
Maybe buy some white tees. Try your hand at finger painting. Or filling balloons with paint and throwing darts at them – Princess Diaries style. Play a messy game of paint Twister. Or be civilized and make an abstract art piece together. Or go out and do paintballing, or some creative DIY version. Did I say just a paint war? Because I am pretty sure I just gave you five different paint war inducing date ideas. I’d do them all, personally.

Ice Cream Sculpture Contest.
Easy date, very little prep, and totally sweet. Get a big bucket of cheap vanilla ice cream, and an array of candies and carving tools. You will have to act fast, by dumping the ice cream on a plate, doing some carving and then sticking it in the freezer again to make sure it doesn’t melt. Keep taking it in and out of the freezer and adding to your sculpture, until satisfied. Once completed, take lots of pics, and eat!

Blanket Fort Building.
Build blanket fort. Huddle (cuddle) in blanket fort. Maybe watch a movie. Maybe have a sock war amongst two blanket forts. The possibilities are limitless.

Nerf Gun Battle.
This one requires a little more equipment investment if you don’t already have nerf guns, but perhaps you both know some kids who would be willing to let you borrow theirs. Turn off the lights, hide around the house or neighbourhood, and have a battle. I am sure you guys can work out a wager too. ;)

Bubble Blowing in the Park.
Or something else a little silly. Once my boyfriend and I wore silly glasses, squirted water guns, blew bubbles, and ate sour candies all collected from the dollar store at a park we had never been to before. It was truly a funny, and fun experience, and one of my favourite dates to date.

Middle of the Night Beach Run.
Wake up in the middle of the night. Get into car. Drive out to the beach, and let loose. It is awesome!

One-on-One Basketball.
Competitive, a little sweaty, and simple yet out of the ordinary. A pickup game of basketball is a fun way to shake up your date night routine. You can play a traditional half court game, or you may want to try a shooting game such as PIG, Around the World, 21, or Hoops.

Laser Tag.
The best group date. Remember Barney Stinson’s obsession with this activity in How I Met Your Mother? It was a totally warranted obsession. I love laser tag. Enough said.

Lego Night.
Gather all the legos. Build all the legos. Destroy all the legos. This is a legitimately chill date night that is still tons of fun. Maybe jam out to some music while you do it. Heck, even invite some friends to join in.

Disney Movies + Cuddles.
Pull out the classics! VHS would make this even more nineties-esque, but it is understandable if you have made the inevitable switch to newer technology. When was the last time you watched The Lion King with the one you love? Probably not recently enough!

You can just as easily go bike riding, but there is something incredibly nostalgic about scootering. You can also buy a scooter on a good day from $20 to $100 depending on how fancy you want to be – or you could just steal your little cousin’s. Learning how to skateboard, or rollerblade is also a great option. Just something where you are on wheels, out in the fresh air, and have the potential of scraped knees to make you feel like you are seven again. It’s great.

Mudpies + Mudfights.
Find a good muddy location. I happen to live by an inlet that is muddy when the tide goes out. Again, I feel white tees are necessary in this situation, you may not. Time the tide, or make your own mud somewhere, and have a fight. I mean literally roll around in the mud, and throw mud at each other, and get dirty. I’ve done it twice now and had the time of my life.

Campout in the Living Room.
Set up a tent in the living room. Make Smores nachos. Set up battery operated candles everywhere for ‘fire.’ Turn off the all the lights. Eat smores, tell ghost stories, plan an actual camping trip you’d like to take together, fall asleep. This could actually be done in the backyard just as easy too.

What other fun date ideas do you have? Would you like to see more lists like this? Leave a comment below :)

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