Blondes Have More Fun (And Take More Work): How to Maintain the Perfect Summer Blonde Look

The weekend before February 1st, 2016 I decided to change my hair dye virgin status and go blonde, I mean really blonde. I was starting my first real deal post college job the following Monday, and as a recent graduate I wanted to start anew.

Let me tell you, I am loving it! But man, did I begin to notice a lot of things once I dyed my hair.

First, it took me a couple times to the hair dressers before we worked together to find the perfect hue of blonde for my head. I was really picky. I think that you have to be really picky.

I personally, was trying to achieve a bright California sun-soaked, surfer girl type of blonde, and I remember the first go around it turned out way cooler and ashy than I wanted. I was stunned. I also happen to have a lot of natural red in my hair, so the fear of going brassy was real, very real.

In fact, my hair's reddish undertone is enough to make my blonde appear at least one notch warmer in photos than it actually is - guarantee.

This leads me to one of my first discoveries - managing tone. Once you actually figure out the tone of blonde you want, you have to take some preventive measures to keeping that tone in between your trips to the hairdressers. Your hair will naturally start to get duller or more brassy as time goes on.

The easiest way to combat that is by using a purple shampoo every once in a while. Purple shampoo combats your brassy sassy undertones. When I first got my ashy blonde in I actually avoided purple shampoo in order to warm up my hair, but once I actually got my hair done in the perfect shade of blonde I had been looking for, I started using purple shampoo once a week, or once every couple weeks in my hair care routine in order to keep up that beautiful perfect shade.

The second thing I noticed once I dyed my hair is that it suddenly became much, much more tangled when I washed it. I actually started dreading washing my hair, because I knew the process of drying it out and brushing it out afterwards would be terrible and take a long time. My hair used to be super soft and manageable, but since dying it (and I guess damaging it), I was finding it very annoying to deal with. Finding a conditioner that treated processed, damaged hair and making it part of my hair routine was essential. I also found using the occasional deep conditioner mask kept my hair in line.

Naturally my hair is fine to medium, has a slight wave to it, and tends to get quite frizzy and lack volume. So adding these new issues after dying my hair made the need to find the right products all that much more necessary.

I originally stopped using any type of drugstore shampoo or hair product because my hair dresser swore me off it, and I was noticing that it was really ruining my hair. I have to admit, spending a lot of money on new salon products and upkeep of my new did seem worth it, but was very pricey. I used to use John Frieda blonde products all the time previously to keep my natural highlights looking nice, but I dared not venture back once I was dealing with my new, complicated, processed hair. I instead bought the products my hairdresser advised and never looked back.

It was not until through my blog that the company Influenster contacted me about trying out John Frieda's brand new line for blondies. Of course I said yes since I used to use all their products before I had made the switch to the salon products. This new line is specifically for blonde and over-processed hair. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner, along with the restoring oil elixr after my showers before I blow dry my hair. It is working wonders. This line actually compliments all of the problems I was facing since dying my hair.

It brightens my blonde, and deep conditions the damage caused by dying my hair. It also has been keeping my frizz in check. I find the oil elixr helps me brush out my tangles after my shower and gives me a quicker blow drying time. I actually started using their purple shampoo once a week too even though they hadn't given me that product to try.

This has sincerely been the perfect toolkit to keeping my blonde hair in check, and I am thankful to go back to an affordable price rather than paying a ridiculous amount of money for the same if not less satisfactory effects.

Yes, this is technically a review I was asked to give, but it is an honest review. John Frieda sincerely won my heart all over again. my love affair with it may have originally begun with Lauren Conrad's sponsorship way back when, but it ends with me finally finding that perfect mix of affordable yet quality hair care I need for my new blondie life.

So what is a quick easy checklist for up keeping blonde hair?

- Keep your tone in check with a purple shampoo once a week or once every other week
- Keep your ends in check with a daily conditioner and a deep conditioner mask every once in awhile
- Choose shampoos or conditioners that will naturally brighten your blonde (preventing that inevitable dulling that will happen after awhile)
- Try not washing your hair everyday. If you can spare your hair the harassment, do it. Try a topknot on your greasy days.

Any other suggestions? Comment below! :)

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  1. Love the blonde on you! I wish I could die my hair blonde, but I always think blonde asians look abnormal haha. love your blog too :) what did you graduate SFU with?


    1. Hey thanks! I graduated from SFU in Sociology and Anthropology, and am going back in the fall to do my masters in Sociology. :) How about you?


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