Shiseido Summer Suncare Products Review + Love Yourself Pep Talk!

Hey beauty lovers! So I am back with another product review, and this post is sponsored by Shiseido and Influenster, who gave me some complimentary products to try out and review.

Okay, so before I get too far into it, I'll tell you the results - I had super mixed feelings about these products. First off, I love Shiseido, and I have actually done a different campaign with them and loved their products they sent me (it was their smart filtering primer). But these sun care products felt really nice, were lightweight, smelled good enough, but at the same time, they honestly just felt like really overpriced suncscreen and BB cream that only came in THREE shades (because we all know there are only THREE shades of skin out there).

If you want to watch my super lengthy video review where I try all the products and apply them for the first time, and react completely unfiltered - then check out my YouTube channel - and watch my Shiseido Summer Suncare Review + The No-Makeup Makeup Look + Love Yourself Pep Talk here.

If you want the condensed notes of that video then you are in the right place, because you don't have to put up with too much rambling from me here.

I tried three products from Shiseido:

  1. Shiseido Sports BB Cream (with 50+ sunscreen) - This was overall my favourite product of the three, but only comes in THREE shades. I am wearing 'Light' in the photos showing me applying the product.
  2. Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream (with 40+ sunscreen) - This product felt really nice, but made me think - is this just really overpriced sunscreen???
  3. Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil - This was my least favourite product of the three. It did not clean my makeup off AT ALL (I had to use my trusty makeup wipes afterwards), and it actually made my face pretty red, and my acne more inflamed after using it. I wasn't super pumped about it.

But okay, here's the thing guys: I wanted this post to be about a "no-makeup makeup look" for when you are going to the pool, or camping, or working out - BUT THE TRUTH IS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT MAKEUP. Don't ever let makeup stop you from doing the things you love doing (and this is coming from a beauty blogger who LOVES makeup, and honestly feels pretty unconfident without it). Here are some shots I took beforehand pre-makeup - notice any difference? (Because honestly I didn't notice much difference in my appearance between the two sets of shots).

And let me be the first to tell you I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE without makeup, and feel so unpretty - EVEN THOUGH THIS IS SO UNJUSTIFIED AND I KNOW IT. I can't help it. Why do we do this ladies? WHY? Wear makeup, don't wear makeup - but love yourself either way. One of the biggest helps for me in feeling more confident and beautiful is my loving husband. I started wearing less makeup when we started dating because he told me he thought I was beautiful without makeup, and he constantly reminds me how much I look the same with or without it. With his love and support I have become more confident about myself and my body. But keep in mind it isn't enough to hear it from loved ones, you need to hear it from yourself as well. When I was planning this post I originally thought I might try out the "no-makeup makeup" look when we went camping with our congregation over the weekend. I thought this might be the perfect opportunity because camping is one of those activities where you don't always have the amenities to support a full makeup routine, and also don't really want to be that high maintenance. However, instead I chose to wear no-makeup for the whole weekend, and didn't bring anything with me (in case I became weak). I WAS SO SCARED because I was going camping with all these new people (we just moved to Edmonton) and I still had insecurities about wanting to look cool and impress the people around me that I didn't really know yet. But I did it, I just rocked my face as God gave it to me, and it felt great. I felt confident and I didn't have to fuss all weekend.

Now you might think, oh wow that is so easy for you to say Lauren, you are so pretty - because don't we all do that? We all look at others and think, well they have it easy - they look great without makeup - but I don't. BUT GIRL STOP IT. Because it is all in your head. That picture you see on someone's feed? It's a curated version of their life. Stop the comparing game, because it is just killing your vibe. Love yourself, and if it feels hard, take baby steps, because you don't need $40 sunscreen to be the beautiful soul (and face) that you are.

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